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AmblyoPlay is an engaging and fun homework vision training solution that is performed through playing therapeutic games on a tablet or a computer.





AmblyoPlay can be used for a broad range of vision problems, as we approach the training by improving core visual skills. It was created to help YOU help YOUR PATIENTS!

Key Benefits:

Currently, compliance with vision therapy homework is a big problem. With our engaging, easy-to-use system, they can achieve better results faster! Plus, increase your patient flow as our system allows you or your doctors to focus on the patient – not technology! All technical support is provided by our team.

Watch the case from the Pediatric Eye Center of Greece

Listen to our provider offering AmblyoPlay to their patients and learn what role it represents in their practice.
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Become AmblyoPlay Provider

Offer AmblyoPlay to your patients and help them overcome a daily struggle of performing vision therapy homework. We offer you AmblyoPlay at exclusive provider prices and with a variety of payment options and plans to help you get started with AmblyoPlay risk-free.

Your clinic receives a demo of AmblyoPlay to showcase to your patients. Interested? Schedule a demo call to experience AmblyoPlay!

Monitor Your Patients

Follow your patients remotely and see if they have been compliant with the prescribed training!

Easy-to-use and intuitive Doctor Portal offers you real-time access to patients progress and optimize their treatment plans!

How it Works?

AmblyoPlay uses dichoptic vision therapy approach. Using red-green glasses, we split the image that each eye receives.

We can then stimulate each eye separately, while keeping both eyes active at the same time!

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